Come explore our Small Animal Alternative Learning Activities

Stress &
Anxiety relief

Animals have senses that pick up on human interactions. Therapy with animals such as dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs has proven to help decrease stress. Handling and stroking animals can help relive anxiety. Spending time with with animals can positively affect moods, anxiety, and stress.

Communication & Interaction

Working with animals means you get to learn a new way to communicate and interact. Animals don’t judge humans, so it creates a space students can feel comfortable communicating, with the aim of growing confidence in their communication & interaction skills in different social settings.

Self Esteem & Independence

Animals need to be cared for, so having some responsibility for animals welfare naturally gives people a sense of self-esteem and independence. Working and caring for animals also creates bonds which has positive effects on people’s self-esteem. Caring for animals involves some physical work, with health benefits of moving and exercise.


All activities are designed to be fun and social, whether you want to understand about the everyday day care of an animal or meet knew friends, our goal is to make everyday a fun day.

Daily Routine

Each sessions the young people will get chance to take part of all the small animal activities. Young people are also given the opportunity to take part in classroom time during one of the sessions during the day.

Meet the animals

Dog face looking at camera



grey dog up close



guinea pig with hat on


Guinea Pig

brown guinea pig


Guinea Pig

Large bunny on straw



Small white fluffy bunny

Polar Bear


Small dog close up



cat in bed



Sausage dog close up



2 chickens together

Peri & Drumstick


AQA certifications

The AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) allows young people to acquire work experience and document this experience with a certificate. It enables them to amass a portfolio of certificates that can attest to their skills, knowledge, and experience. This scheme bolsters their confidence, escalates their engagement, and enhances their motivation, helping young people progress on their lifelong journe Small Animal learning that align with our offerings.

2 bunnies in beds

Celebration Stories

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