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Stress &
Anxiety relief

Woodworking is an engaging activity, it requires attention to detail, helping to keep the mind occupied. The repetitive motions and meticulous nature of woodworking makes it a wonderful way to relax, helping with stress & anxiety.

Communication & Interaction

Workshop activities are mostly held in small group sessions. Meaning young people are given a platform to communicate and interact with each other about their work. Learning new skills can help create discussion in the group.

Self Esteem & Independence

Learning new skills is a great way to build self-esteem.Creating a product from scratch to completion is a rewarding process. It’s a great help in improving young peoples self-esteem.As skills grow, being able to complete task independently can also help young people with their independence skills.


All activities are designed to be fun and social, whether you want to understand about woodworking, repairs, arts & crafts or gain further qualifications, our goal is to make everyday a fun learning day.

Daily Routine

Each sessions young people will get chance to take part of all the workshop activities. Young people are also given the opportunity to take part in classroom time during one of the sessions in the day.

Check Some of the Students Work

AQA Certifications

The AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) empowers young individuals to gain valuable work experience and receive certification for their efforts. Through this scheme, they can compile a portfolio of certificates, each bearing testament to their skills, insights, and experiences. Participating in this program not only boosts their self-confidence but also heightens their engagement and amplifies their motivation, guiding them forward on their lifelong journey.

student doing wood work

Celebration Stories

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